About Us


We Provide High Quality Evidence Based Clinical Research And Training For Sustainable Development

Mbale Clinical Research Institute (MCRI) was established as a research unit within Mbale Regional Referral Hospital that progressively developed by undertaking several clinical and biomedical research projects. Over the years, MCRI’s portfolio has gradually expanded to include different studies involving Severe Anaemia, Severe Pneumonia, Hydroxyurea with SCA, Severe Hypoxia, Malaria, alongside many other major studies.


MCRI Background

MCRI was founded in 2008 in response to the need for evidenced based clinical guidelines. Together with various partners at different stages in its development, the MCRI has remained focused on clinical research as an ingredient on which to inform development of clinical guidelines in East Africa and similar settings in the region and beyond.

The Institute is grateful to funders, partners, collaborators, etc. that include but not limited to Uganda Ministry of Health, especially Mbale Regional Referral Hospital for the supportive research environment in which most of our work has thrived over the years. The approach that we have used emphasizes on the local capacity building of human resources, infrastructure and equipping of the key research stations.

The past 10 years, we have mainly invested in building the frameworks and platforms for quality research.The Mbale Clinical Research Institute (MCRI) has provided high quality Clinical Research, networking and support to the clinical research community in Uganda. For many Members, the Institute has been part of their life throughout their research careers, many have been with the Institute since its first incarnation as Mbale Clinical Research Unit (MCRU). In the next 10 years, however, we plan to implement research on specific themes with local champions leading in each thematic area.

Institute Pillars

Evidence based Research

ResearchMCRI is piooneering in producing high quality confirmatory research neccessary for informed development of clinical guidelines in healthcare as well as laboratory analysis. MCRI is built to deliver internationally competitive research and capacity building to new potential clinical research areas. Our Scientific themes draw together researchers from different disciplines to work on high priority areas in health sector.

Training and Capacity Building
MCRI boosts of highly trained professional staff. The clinical staff conduct the informed consent process with all its study participants and is fortified with all clinical emergency equipment and care, a Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) Program, and a quality management program. The Institute ensures all its staff have Continuous Medical Education (CME) and Continuous Professional Development (CPD) to keep up with trending aspects of science and technology.
Organisational Development
MCRI focuses on successful organizational change and performance. More recently, work on organizational development has expanded with the Institute being able to align its clinical projects and departments with their rapidly changing and complex environments through organizational learning, knowledge management and transformation of organizational norms and values.
Service Delivery
MCRI has empowered its clinical staff to deliver outstanding clinical services to the research participants across all the institute’s project. Research participants are consented before taking part in any project and offered professional medical care each time they visit the institute.

Strategic Direction

In pursuit of the institute’s Vision and Mission, Mbale Clinical Research Institute has developed key strategic objectives to achieve this. MCRI’s Strategic Direction is well elaborated in the institute’s manual entitled Strategic Plan.